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An Act of Dog

An Act of Dog tells the story of Mark Barone, an artist who sets out to paint 5,500 portraits after his partner Marina Dervan discovers the number of dogs killed every day in our nation's shelters.


When Marina shows Mark the evidence, he doesn't want to look, but it's the pure raw number that drives him to pick up his brush in an effort to change the status quo.


After thousands of paintings begin to take their toll on him, Marina wonders if Mark will be able to make it to the finish line.

Major Funding


and the
Andrew Sabin Family Foundation

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Artist Mark Barone paints 8X8 portrait o

 Artist Mark Barone painting portrait of Grant.

 "Thank you for airing this highly moving and

important documentary. Wonderful. ❤"️


"It is an understatement to say An Act of Dog 

is extraordinarily moving.  It’s beyond that. 

It is transcendent..."

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