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What People Are Saying

Major funding for Christmas on Henry Street

was provided by the

Betty R. and Ralph Sheffer Foundation


The Cast Speaks

"What a joy it was to play a woman as strong and passionate as the great Lillian Wald. She’s such an inspiring figure, blazing the trail for so many care givers and humanitarians alike.

A true hero for the women of today.”

                                  - René Zara

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“I love how full of life Mary is, especially given that she didn't get the opportunity to live a very long one in reality. I'm a sucker for romance in drama, and as delightful as it is to watch or to listen to, it was twice as fun to play.”

                                  - Jacqueline O'Kelly

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“Jacob Riis - he’s the first man that has kind of caught Mrs. McRae’s attention in a long time, and has completely thrown her for an emotional loop. … I think there is a genuine attachment between the two of them, and Mrs. McRae is definitely hoping for something much more.”

                                  - Kimberley Miller

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“Giving voice to Captain Battle is a reminder of how our country is woven together by the contributions of diverse races, cultures, and religions. We all have a place in our past and deserve one in the present.”

                                          - Donald Tate

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“Christmas on Henry Street was recorded during a time of much uncertainty in the world - and like Adam’s story - filled with the uncertainty of an ailing wife and needing to rehome the family’s lodger - it‘s the kindness of strangers coming together during hard times that make the impossible, possible for him.”

                                          - Matt Atwater

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_Lillian Wald is voiced by René Zara.JPG.jpg
_Mary Brewster is voiced by Jacqueline O'Kelly.jpg
_Adam Grunschlag is voiced by Matt Atwater.jpg
_Mr. Murphy and Chief McKay are voiced by Jerry Goodwin.jpg
_Mrs. Waters &  Matron are voiced by Meredith Murray.jpg
_Mr. Shanks is voiced by Laurence Hastings.jpg
_Mrs. Filaci is voiced by Nika Shakhmuradova.jpg
_Mr. Schiff and Officer Higgins are voiced by Michael Sayers.jpg
_Charles Barry & Leo Cassel are voiced by Harry Aspinwall.jpg
_Jacob Riis is voiced by Lars Christensen.jpg
_Maria Bellanova &  Gabe Grunschlag are voiced by Rebecca Silva.jpg
_Julia Wald is voiced by Sarah Bellingham.JPG.jpg
_Dr. McLean, Mayor Low, Madison, Edson, News Hawker & Conductor are voiced by John Swanson
_Window Shoppers are voiced by Deanna Swanson.jpg

“Schiff’s philanthropy and Lillian Wald’s tenacity may have been at odds at times, but together they helped change the way America was dealing with an influx of immigrants. How timely to tell this tale!!”

                                  - Michael Sayers

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“It was fun to totally switch gears from Leo to play Charles, who starts as a much more unsympathetic character, but eventually shows a softer and more reasonable side. I loved that even though many of us were recording remotely, we were all live, doing it together, feeling the energy and just having fun. It was a really collaborative experience bringing this world to life.

                               - Harry Aspinwall

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"I wish Riis knew what he changed for me, and the people of my city when I was a kid. He never got to know that because it came much, much later. That I get to be playing Jacob Riis as a boy from the bridges is pretty astounding to me."

                                          - Lars Christensen

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"How bad must it have been for someone to say “I’m going.” Leaving their families, leaving their wives, leaving their children, children leaving their parents to come to a totally foreign country on the supposed hope that things were better here."

                                          - Bill Shorr

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