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Lillian Wald

Trailblazer.  Risk-taker.  Dreamer.  Doer.

“Lillian D. Wald’s unselfish devotion to humanity is recognized around the world and her visionary programs have been widely copied everywhere. Even a cursory examination of the record will show that her contributions to society equal or surpass such appropriately venerated women as Susan B. Anthony, Clara Barton, and Margaret Sanger. Ms. Wald deserves to be better remembered and honored.”


                       - Val J. Halamandaris, late, long-                                time president of the National                                Association for Home Care &                                  Hospice (NAHC)


Our biographer-inspired documentary

Lillian Wald: Mystery of a Personality

tells the story of a pioneering genius and explores why, over a period of four decades, she was able to skirt criticism, bridge differences with her financier, and fend off accusations of "radicalism" to become one of the best known, best beloved women of her time. 

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Genre: Documentary

Status: Development, fundraising

Distribution: PBS presenting station

Available rights: US commercial/cable, international, streaming

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